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Major in English & Mass Communication

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A unit whose members can express their ideas and feelings effectively in a global setting and approach the demands of the times using their creativity and technology.

A teaching support staff composed of individuals who are academically prepared to facilitate learning and continually pursue professional development through researches, seminars and further studies.

A department whose constituents actualize their Christian faith by responding to the needs of others through active participation in outreach programs and other related endeavors.

Classrooms which allow innovative and active exchange of ideas where students are the center of the learning process.

The Curricula

A.B English and A.B. Mass Communication students are required to take 82 units of general education courses as prescribed by the Commission on Higher Education(C.H.E.D.)


Then, students of both disciplines take their respective core subjects, some of which are as follows:


A.B English

  1. Mythology, Folklore and the Short story
  2. English Literature
  3. American Literature
  4. Afro-Asian/Third world Literature
  5. Introduction to World Literature
  6. World Poetry
  7. Literary Analysis
  8. Literary Criticism
  9. Creative Writing
  10. Technical English
  11. The Drama
  12. Spoken English 1 & 2
  13. Advance Global Communication in English 1 & 2
  14. Research Paper in English Language and Literature
  15. Argumentation and Debate
  16. Elements of Journalism

A.B Mass Communication

  1. Introduction to Mass Communication
  2. Principles of Mass Media
  3. Communication Theory
  4. Mass Media and Society
  5. Mass Communication Ethics
  6. Fundamentals of Journalism
  7. Journalism Workshop
  8. Publication, Production, and Editing
  9. Introduction to Broadcasting
  10. Communication and Public Relations
  11. Audio Procedures and Operations
  12. Video Procedures and Operations
  13. Development Radio and TV Broadcasting
  14. Communication Management
  15. Introduction to Film
  16. TV Production-Direction
  17. Introduction to Graphic Design
  18. Educational Television
  19. Advertising Management
  20. Advance Global Communication in English I & II
  21. Research Paper in Mass Communication

Additional Courses

For their elective courses, English and Mass Communication majors can choose from any of the following disciplines :

  • English
  • Education
  • Social Sciences

For foreign languages, where Mass Communication majors are required to take six units, the DLMCH offers the following :

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • Nihonggo
  • German


Career opportunities for A.B. English and A.B. Mass Communication Graduates :

  • University Teaching
  • Legal Practice
  • Public and Corporate Information
  • Television Broadcasting
  • Radio Broadcasting
  • Print Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Film Making
  • Communication Research
  • Business Process Outsourcing Profession


For incoming first year students :

  • a score of at least 70 in the College English Placement Test
  • a rating of at least 85 in the entrance essay
  • a rating of at least 70 in the entrance interview

For transferees or shifters :

  • a grade of 2.0 or higher in the first two basic English courses
  • a rating of at least 85 in the entrance essay
  • a rating of at least 70 in the entrance interview

Our Faculty

  • Sharlene G. Gotioco , (Chair ,  Mass Com Program Coordinator) ,A.B. (Mass Comm) Cum laude, (CPU), M.A. in English Language and Literature  Teaching(ADMU)
  • Annalee L. Cocjin  (Speech Lab Coordinator) , B.S.Ed (WVSU) , M.A.Ed (English) UPV
  • Teresa D. Del Rio  A.B.  (English)(NDU)
  • Anita U. Illenberger A.B. (Literature) (UST), M.A.Ed (Eng)(WVSU)
  • Claire Anne D. Jardenil A.B. (English) (CPU) M.A. Lang & Lit (DLSU)
  • Marie Melanie J. Javier A.B(Speech and Drama) (UP – Diliman), M.A. (Speech & Communication) (UP-DILIMAN) Ed.D. (Admin and Supervision) (CPU)
  • Josephine C. Madlangbayan A.B. Humanities (UPV), M.Ed. (English) (UPV)
  • Gleason B. Parcia A.B. (English) (WVSU), MA.Ed(Language Teaching) (WVSU)
  • Esther Rose A. Romarte A.B. (English), (CPU), M.A. in Literature (English) major in Literature and Language (ADMU)
  • Leilani Fatimah L. Trompeta A.B. (English) (CPU) , M.A. E.L.T. (Assumption University Thailand)
  • Anna May A. Yap- Zerrudo A.B.(English) , , M.M. (PM) (UPV), L.L.B.(CPU)

Our Graduates have spoken

“The Mass Communication program at CPU is not only about classes and production. It also teaches valuable lessons about confidence and communication effectively”

Ann Guinitivano

ABMC 2001

“The program caters to each student’s potential, not only on the technical aspects of the course, but also on the aesthetic part of it. The approach is holistic.”

Kyle Jarod Bretaña

ABMC 2005

“The Department of Languages, Mass Communication and Humanities provides avenues for its students to be able to perfect their communication skills that wherever they may be. they will leave indelible marks.”

Kay Arden Q. Gallo

AB Eng 2011

“I love this course (referring to AB English). I spent most of my life being a mainstreamed student. Actually in CPU it was a lot more convenient than when I was in elementary and high school. Everybody at CPU was so accommodating. The teachers understood my situation and they really got out of their way just to proved me my needs and they did not complain at all. They did not consider me a burden”

Katchry Jewel S. Golbin

Ab Eng 2016

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