Department of Mathematics & Physics

College of Arts and Sciences


A department committed to provide students with quality mathematics, physics, statistics and natural science education responsive to the needs of man in the changing world.

Mission of the Department

  1.  To maintain continuous quality teacher education through scholarships, seminars, study groups to keep teachers abreast with the changes in the field they are teaching.
  2. To develop the spirit of unity and cooperation among teachers between teachers and students and among students.
  3. To upgrade and to improve learning facilities and equipment.
  4. To integrate Christian and moral values in the teaching of mathematics, physics, physical sciences and statistics.

Goals and objectives of the Mathematics and Physics Department

Goal : Globally Competitive and Adequately Prepared Graduates

Objectives :

  1. Provides students with mathematical knowledge, skills and training that will enable them to meet the demands of the changing world.
  2. Develop the students’ critical and logical thinking , things which they need in problem solving and decision making.
  3. Encourage the students to aim and to adopt a high standard of performance.
  4. Develop the students’ appreciation, interest and love for Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences

Goal : Competent, Committed and Empowered Faculty and Staff

Objectives :

  1. Update and enrich syllabi.
  2. Upgrade laboratory equipment, library and instructional materials.
  3. Provide conducive and innovative learning environment to students.

Goal : Faculty, BS Math Students and Graduates Who have Sense of Social Responsibility and Accountability.

Objectives :

  1. Active involvement in outreach and extension programs and other worthwhile activities and projects
  2. Actualize Christian values by responding to the needs of others.


Benefits in Majoring in Mathematics

A degree in Mathematics, especially if accompanied by transcript showing good grades in Math courses, signals to a prospective employer that you are capable of learning the kinds of analytical procedures that are required in a given job or profession, even if those procedures are not specifically mathematical

By studying Math you:

  • Develop self confidence and positive attitude.
  • Become creative and open-minded
  • Develop the habit of critical thinking
  • Become hardworking patient and persevering

Such skills and attitudes are highly valued by employers as well as graduate and professional schools.

Employers recognize that if you can do Math , you can do any job that calls for precise analysis and careful deduction.

Who hires Math graduates?

Mathematics graduates have the opportunities to work in:

  1. Accounting firms
  2. Airlines and other transportation
  3. Banks and other financial institutions
  4. Consulting Firms
  5. Educational Institutions
  6. Government Agencies(PSA, Dep.Ed.)
  7. Insurance Agencies
  8. Insurance Companies
  9. Investment Firms
  10. Real Estate Firms
  11. Research and Development Firms
  12. Securities Firms
  13. Telecommunication Companies
  14. Industries

In government, education, manufacturing and services industries of many kinds, math majors get good jobs.

Possible jobs for Math graduates


  • Budget Analyst
  • Credit Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Base Manager
  • Data Processing Manager
  • Economic Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Consultant
  • Financial Manager
  • Insurance Agent
  • Insurance Underwriter
  • Investment Manager
  • Loan Counselor/Officer
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Risk Manager
  • Operation Research Analyst
  •  Production Planner
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Real Estate Appraiser
  • Securities Analysts
  • Statistician
  • Urban Planner
  • Compensation / Benefits Specialist
  • Financial Service Sales Representative
  • Inventory Control Specialist
  • Market Research Analyst

What our Alumni say :

It’s actually a blessing in disguise that I enrolled in the BS Math program. I was about to enroll in BSEd major in Math buy my fate brought me at the BS Math program and NO foundation: on how to set my goals and priorities, and how to achieve them through self discipline and determination. These contributed to my being prosecutor now.

Nalyn Jabat

BS Math 1989

Had it not been for my BS Math degree from my beloved Alma Mater CPU. I could not have found a job in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world. I owe my Mathematical skills from the excellent professors in the Math and Physics Department.

America needs Science and Mathematics teachers for high schools. There is a lot of shortage of them here. The screening is tough so if anyone thinks of coming here, He has to be CPU- Educated.

Dr. Mario S. Varona Ph.D

BSMath 1981

Full-Time Faculty

  1. Prof. Mylene S. Calibjo – BS Applied Mathematics(UP Visayas) (MAEd Math(CPU)) Ph.D Mathematical Statistics(China) – in progress
  2. Prof. Tony Ray A. Canaman – BS Math (CPU) MAEd Physics (CPU)
  3. Prof. Edgardo P. Gerada – BS Chemistry(CPU), Registered Chemist, MAEd Chemistry(Univ. of San Agustin), MAEd Physics(CPU), LET Passer
  4. Prof. Nelie Ann C. Mesa – BS Civil Engineering(CPU), MM Educ Mgt.(PCU-Iloilo), MAEd Physics(CPU) – CAR, MAEd Admin. & Superv (CPU), LET Passer.
  5. Prof. Fernita S. Monserate – BSEd Math, Cum Laude(CPU), MAEd Math(WVSU), PBET Passer
  6. Prof. Luis G. Valdez Jr.  – BS Math(CPU), MA Math(UP Diliman)

Part-Time Faculty

  1. Prof. Norma Luz C. Vencer – BS Math(CPU), MAT Math(UP Diliman), MS Math(DLSU), Ph.D (Science Ed) (WVSU) – In progress
  2. Mr. Sunlight P. Alog – BSEd Math(CPU), MAEd Math (CPU) – in progress, LET passer.
  3. Mr. Henry Caspe – BS Chem(USA), MBA(Aca Req)(AU, AdMSB, UPV), MA Math(WVSU)
  4. Miss Jean B. de la Cruz BS Math(CPU)
  5. Prof. Barbara T. Diaz – BSN(AUL), MS Math(WNC), MN(CPU), MDiv(Feast)
  6. Engr. Ferdinand T. Monoso – BS Electrical Engineering (CPU), Registered Electrical Engineer , MAEd Physics(CPU) – in progress
  7. Miss Rahjni S. Escare BSEd Physics(WVSU)
  8. Mrs. Ma. Elna H. Pragale – BS Math(CPU), MAEd Math – in progress
  9. Daisy Joy Catalan – BS(Math)(CPU)
  10. Analyn Asturias – BSEd (Math)(CPU) Cum Laude, LET passer
  11. Mary Rose P Magbanua – BS HRM (CPU)
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