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A College committed to provide exemplary education in the Arts and Sciences, founded on Christian values, and responsive to the needs of the individual in the changing society

Our Mission

Offer programs that will make students discover and practice Christian values and equip them with competencies needed in their future professions

Programs and Courses

Bachelor of Arts (ACSCU-AAI/PAAF, Level IV), majors in:


Mass Communication

Political Science and Public Administration

Public Administration





Bachelor of Science in:

Biology (ACSCU-AAI/PAAF, Level IV)

Chemistry (ACSCU-AAI, Level III)

Psychology (PAAF, Level I)

Social Work (PAAF, Level I)

Bachelor of Arts in:


Political Science

Bachelor of Science major in Mathematics

     A college student should be able to:

  1. Acquire knowledge and develop critical thinking in discipline before   specializing in an academic field;
  1. Develop communication skills in order to convey ideas effectively with other people;
  1. Demonstrate competence in the use and application of the tools of learning   as bases for research;
  1. Adopt and practice Christian values and apply them to all aspects of human life;
  2. Show concern for others and the world through participation in global, national, and local programs;
  1. Enhance and maintain a sound physical and mental well-being; and,
  1. Develop an acceptable philosophy of life.
  1. Students electing to concentrate on a major field acquire adequate knowledge in their area of specialization;
  2. Graduates are prepared to enter a career and/or pursue graduate education; and
  3. Graduates comply with the legal requirements of their degrees.
  1. Meet individual academic needs of students and personnel;
  2. be responsive to community needs and expectations;            
  3. Maintain programs of self-renewal and Christian spiritual enrichment;
  4. Encourage and support research among students and faculty; and,
  5. Strengthen the teaching force through a faculty development program.

Meet our Faculty and Staff


Dr. Stella G. Fernandez

OIC Dean

Emcy J. Sanchez


Department of Chemistry

  • Ilda g. Borlongan,  – Chairperson
  • Ann Marie Alguidano

  • Ma. Mercy A. Japitana

  • Villalobos, Mizpah (OSL)     Ozbert

  • Carmen Genoveza

Department Of Life Sciences

  • Nicolas G. Guanzon Jr. – Chairperson
  • Luisito T. Conducta
  • Debbie Marsha G. Sian

  • Hector Peñaranda

  • Jorge Villanueva, Jr. – Staff
  • Dax Balladares – Staff

Department of Mathematics and Physics

  • Luiz G. Valdez Jr. – Chairperson
  • Canaman, Jessica B.
  • Canaman, Tony Ray A.

  • Gerada, Edgardo
  • Mesa, Nellie Ann C.
  • Monserate, Fernita S.
  • Rex Rubidy – Staff
  • Mary Rose Magbanua – Staff

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